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Reed Switches

Reed Switch and Reed Sensor Applications

Reed switches and reed sensors find applications in vast areas, from simple position sensing in doors to more complicated ones used in the military and in sophisticated cellular phone radio frequency (RF) switching electronics. Although every application cannot be listed here, the most widely used ones are explained in detail. A mind map of reed switch applications is available here. Click here to download this whole section as a PDF.


Reed Switch Applications Overview

Reed Switch Applications Overview Usage of reed switches and reed sensors is fairly straightforward provided certain guidelines and precautions listed in our usage notes are followed. Although reed switch applications are immens...Continue reading ->

Reed Sensors in the Internet of Things

Reed Sensors in the Internet of Things Smart cities use technologies to integrate hardware and software that enhance the quality of living, the performance of utilities and other hardware, provide interaction between various services, reduce resource usage and costs, and provide vast info...Continue reading ->

Electronics and Communication

Electronics and Communication In the modern electronics world, the reed switch finds applications in almost every equipment and supports the growth in electronics today, which is influenced by constraints like compactness, low power consumption, and functional reliabilit...Continue reading ->

Domestic Appliances and White Goods

Domestic Appliances and White Goods Shock and vibration, and extremes of humidity and temperature are faced by most domestic goods. Reed Sensors come in packages which withstand all of the above. They also have the added advantage of directly switching 110V / 230VAC line voltage. The m...Continue reading ->


Automotive The automobile industry has standardized power levels of 24 VDC or less. Reed Switches perform exceptionally well at such low loads and consequently have very high life. Molded and encapsulated reed sensors are specially manufactured to withstand sho...Continue reading ->

Construction and Security

Construction and Security A reed sensor is the best choice when it comes to construction and security, due to the fact that they can work reliably in dirty environments amidst dust, grease, and oil. Unlike optic sensors, reed sensors used in dirty greasy environments are main...Continue reading ->

Robotics and Automation

Robotics and Automation Every hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder or actuator requires a reed sensor for end position sensing. Unlike inductive sensors or Hall-effect sensors, reed sensors use no power and have a good isolation. They have high operating speeds, work with a wide...Continue reading ->

Marine and Weather

Marine and Weather Reed Sensors find an important place in marine applications where they are exposed to salt water and sub zero temperatures due to their inherent corrosion resistant contact characteristics. A variety of fluid levels need to be constantly monitored in...Continue reading ->

Sports, Recreation, Hobbies and Toys

Sports, Recreation, Hobbies and Toys The sports and fitness industry has seen a lot of changes lately by their move from using analog instruments and gauges to intelligent electronic controllers which give the user a lot more information on calories burnt, distance run etc. Reed Sensors...Continue reading ->