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Magnet sensors in End position sensing in Cylinders and Pistons

Reed switches in pneumatic linear slideIn industrial automation, cost effectiveness is the key to running a successful operation in today’s world of uncertainties. Compressed air is a well know form of energy that is used in mechanical engineering for getting work done. The equipments that use compressed air are pneumatic cylinders, pistons, linear slides and rotary actuators and these are manufactured with inbuilt magnets for end position sensing. By accommodating reed switch based miniature sensors into the slots provided on the Aluminium bodies of the actuators, these end positions are sensed easily, even at high actuation speeds. Reed Sensors are used to sense end positions and intermediary positions and the signals are then used by PLCs for processing further instructions. The very high sensing speed of reed sensors and the high program scanning speed of PLCs are a good match. Reed Sensors can also be coupled with LEDs to help with easy positioning after the piston and cylinder strokes or rotary actuator angles are adjusted. Suitable products: MS-225 and MS-228 position adjustable sensors.