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Reed Sensors in Electric Car Chargers

e-car connectorElectrical cars are designed to have a range of 250-300 kilometers on a full charge and to ensure that the charging time is minimal 16-32 Amps may be required for charging. For high current charging, it is very important that the mating of the contacts inside the connectors not only conform to requirements but also ensure that they provide a complete lock-in so charging problems don’t occur. To aid in good mating of connectors, reed sensors are built into the charging sockets of electric cars and a magnet is provided at the end of the charging cable. This ensures that a correct locking signal is passed on to the charging circuit to trigger start of the charging. These reed sensor(s) are constantly monitored during the charging to provide constant feed back to the charging circuit. Suitable products are R5, R3  and MS-212 sensors.