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Reed sensors used in Fuel cap position sensing

Automobile Fuel cap
Automobile fuel cap open

A dashboard or an instrument panel located in front of the automobile driver and displays instrumentation and controls for the vehicle’s operation. This is Driver information. Automobiles these days provide a wide range of information ranging from door and window position, wind screen viper fluid level, whether a tail lamp has failed, the positions of the engine hood and trunk and also whether the fuel cap has been closed fully. Reed sensors are the only devices that are hermetically sealed and completely safe to use even inside fuel tanks and they are molded, which means they can withstand higher shock and vibration limits, as well. Reed Sensors also have the added advantage of withstanding temperatures of up to 150°C without much change in actuating distance when the right magnets are used. The basic  application of position sensing holds good for many of the requirements and displays that a dashboard needs to display and for a fuel cap sensing application, a magnet on the cap and a sensor on the mouth of the fuel entry point is a simply way to achieve this. Both normally open or normally closed reed sensors can be used, based on the circuit logic and safety requirements.

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