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Reed Relays and Electronics India Limited Incorporated in 1971

Reed switches for Inclination sensing

Reed switches in Inclination sensorsRecent statistics on automobile accidents reveal that the majority of fatalities arise due to side-wise roll over. Vehicle roll-overs happen based on different factors such as the weight of the car, the speed at which it was traveling and the sharpness with which the steering was being handles at that time. As the safety of the driver and passengers is paramount, automobile manufacturers are now manufacturing vehicles with side airbags that can either be trigger by impact or by tilt switches. Reed Switch based Tilt Switches are used to actuate by design at a particular angle and can sense roll over much before it actually happens, thereby protecting the side of the vehicle. by triggering airbags. With a combination of Tilt Switches and airbag crash sensors, the passengers and driver of a vehicle are safe from all sorts of mishaps.

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