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Reed Sensors in Automobile Power windows

Car power window

These days, most automobile windows can be raised or lowered using buttons near the seats or on the inside of the doors. Different manufacturers of cars follow different methods of using the two buttons, either to raise or lower the glass using one single press or having to hold down the buttons. The motor which drives the glass up or down has multiple magnets or a multi-pole ring magnet fitted to it that actuates the reed sensor fitted near it and this gives feedback to the micro-processor regarding the actual position of the glass. The number of pulses that the reed sensor gives out for lowering or raising the glass completely is always the same and this is used to stop the motor when the glass reaches the top of the bottom. The feedback by the reed sensors to the microprocessor also helps check if there is an obstruction when the glass is being raised as the time between the pulses is being constantly monitored. The reed sensors work to raise and lower the glass and also as a safety device. Any of our SMD or PCB mountable reed sensors or wired Magnetic sensors cab be used for this application.