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Reed Sensors for Early Brake Sensing

Brake pedalThe Brake pedal of an automobile is a very important aspect of the vehicle which is used to give an indication to the vehicles behind when slowing down. It is imperative that the stop light behind the vehicle is turned on instantly, even before the vehicle actually starts slowing down, to give the maximum reaction time to vehicles following. A magnet is fitted behind the brake pedal and a reed sensor, is mounted very near the magnet that gets actuated at the slightest depression of the pedal. As most automobile pedals are mounted on a fulcrum mechanism, it offers flexible positioning of the sensor and the magnet to give a normally-closed or a normally-open output trigger to the microprocessor. This early brake sensing signal is used to trigger the tail lamp and gives vehicles behind ample time to react. An added benefit is that the same signal can also be used to turn off cruise control. application.

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