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Reed sensors for Two Wheeler Brake Sensing

Reed switches in Two wheeler applications
Motorbike throttle

Motor bikes and other two wheelers normally use plunger type switches for detecting depression of the front and rear brake levers to switch the brake light on.

These plunger type switches are purely mechanical, and they are likely to fail early due to the sheer mechanical wear and tear and also due to the harsh environmental conditions. Reed sensors are the only devices that are hermetically sealed and completely safe to use even inside fuel tanks and they are molded, which means they can withstand higher shock and vibration limits, as well. Reed Sensors also have the added advantage of having high repeatability when working in dirty applications and in environments without much change in actuating distance. The basic principles of position sensing remain the same and a Reed Sensor fitted on a fixed surface, with a magnet fixed on the movable surface ensures a good life. Such a combination can be used for any of the above listed Motorbike and Scooter applications.

Application Classification

Applications are classified as Position Sensing, Pulse Counting, Electromagnetic or Relay, Temperature Sensing or Magnet Biasing types. This application is classified as follows and the link gives more information on best practices to help select the most suitable AT band and matching magnet.

Position sensing Type

Position sensing A Position Sensing Application is one which requires the end position of a movement...Continue reading ->

The Reed Switches and Sensors used in such applications need to be robust, durable and efficient in meeting a high life expectancy. Our engineers work hard in life testing our products under various conditions, and our intention is to ensure end product durability and life. Although we wouldn’t want to restrict any of our products for use in only certain applications, the recommended products for use in this application are listed below.

MS-216-L Cylindrical Sensor for Line Voltages

cylindrical sensor for line voltage icon Diameter 6 mm x 40 mm long, omni polar, switches loads of up to...Continue reading ->

MS-228, M8 Threaded Cylindrical Sensor

M8 threaded cylindrical sensor Omin polar, 0.75 mm pitch M8 thread. Rugged body and high wall thickness of...Continue reading ->

MC-1425 Miniature Close-differential Reed Switch

Close Differential Miniature Reed Switch Size The MC-1425 is a 14.0 mm glass, Form A type Miniature reed switch with...Continue reading ->