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Magnet sensors in Adjustable Chairs

Reed switches in adjustable chairsMotorized chairs are used in dentists offices and hair-cutting salons, the latter being the more pleasing! The dentist or the hair dresser are required to adjust the chair to various positions suited to the type of work that constantly needs to be undertaken during the session. Adjustments include raising the legs for better comfort, reclining the back rest for easy reach to the head area and sometimes even tilting the whole chair so the body is parallel to the floor. This thing is, time is of the essence and the various positions need to be pre-programmed for quick setting. For such preset setting positions to work, the chair’s micro-controller needs to get feedback from the movement of the chair to stop or start the motors or to reverse its direction. Magnet Sensors are used at such preset angles and a magnet is used in the moving part of the chair chassis. With this combination, preset settings can easily be triggered to move the motor up to the point a certain Sensor is actuated. Magnet Sensors are also hermetically sealed and are safe from liquids and dust and make them suitable in such areas.

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