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Reed Relays and Electronics India Limited Incorporated in 1971

Reed switches in liquid detection probes

Deep bore reed switch probeBore holes in the ground are bored or drilled for various purposes, primarily for drawing out water, gases or also as a geological or environmental assessment. During the boring, pipes need to be interconnected inserted to ensure that the bore does not cave in. After the boring work is successfully completed, the level of water for examples, may need to be assessed periodically. This is were reed switches help. Regular reed switches in float switches with long cables cannot work well in such bores as the external float may get triggered by the bore walls. Standard float switches, fitted with a perforated sheet around the whole float assembly will ensure that when being inserted into the bore, the physical walls of the bore do not move the float, thereby preventing the reed switch form being actuated wrongly. The perforated sheet allows liquids to easily seep in and activate the float during liquid detection runs.The whole assembly can be used as a depth probe and lowered into deep, narrow bores with the help of the lead wire. 

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