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Reed Relays and Electronics India Limited Incorporated in 1971

Reed sensors in Emergency lamp holders

Reed switches in emergency lampEmergency lamps are rechargeable battery powered lamp that automatically turns on when there is a mains power outage. With the worlds real estate in cities shrinking, buildings are also getting to be designed with very less daylight and such lamps are always present in corridors and other common areas. Some of these lamps are portable and can be pulled off their charging sockets for more mobility and this is where reed sensors are useful. Reed Sensors are used in such emergency lamp holders to trigger a signal that the lamp should be turned on or start the charging circuit when the lamp is placed back. The lamp itself is built with a small magnet, and a Normally Closed reed sensor is mounted on the holder. As long as the lamp is in its holder, the lamp stays off and the charging continues. Taking the lamp off the holder, actuates the reed sensors and triggers the buzzer circuit and placing it back, trigger the charging circuit. The sensor’s signal is also used to protect the portable battery from over charging, thereby improving battery life.

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