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Extensometers Use Reed Switches for Depth Checks

Reed switches in extensometers

Deep excavations preceding construction projects require careful monitoring to ensure safety. Settlement depths must be observed before construction begins, necessitating the use of magnetic extensometers.

Magnetic extensometers, equipped with Reed Switches, are instrumental in monitoring settlement and heave in various construction contexts, including foundations, excavations, dams, embankments, and tunnels. These devices provide crucial data indicating the depth at which settlements occur, aiding in preemptive safety measures.

The extensometers are used by inserting access pipes into the ground, with magnets strategically placed at fixed intervals along the pipes. These magnets move with any settlement, providing a reference for measurement. Reed switch probes, attached to measuring tapes, are then inserted from above. As the probe nears each magnet at the pipe junctions, it triggers the Reed Switch, indicating settlement.

By reading the depth marked on the measuring tape each time the Reed Switch in extensometers are triggered, construction professionals can accurately gauge settlement depths. This data informs decisions regarding the stability and integrity of the excavation site, allowing for timely adjustments or reinforcements if necessary.

The use of Reed Switches in magnetic extensometers enhances the reliability and precision of settlement monitoring. Their ability to trigger with proximity to magnets ensures accurate detection of settlement points along the access pipes. This method provides valuable insights into ground behavior, contributing to safer and more efficient construction practices.

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Jun 20, 2024

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