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Reed switches and Float switches in Water tank control

Reed switches in water tank control
Water tank control

Water is a scarcity in most of the major cities of the world, and in residences and apartments where an overhead tank is present, measures should be taken to ensure there is no overflow. Reed Switch based float switches fitted in the over head tank, are used to control the pump, which fills the overhead water tank. Two of these float switches are fitted into the tank, at the near empty level and the full level. These signals are given to a controller, which turns the pump on when the tank level reaches the near empty point, and  off when the tank has been filled up. This is also particularly useful for blocks of apartments with a common water tank for all tenants. Care should be taken to protect the reed switches from the static capacitance caused by the long wires running from the float switches to the controller. Multiple reed switches in longer float switches are used to give out more information, for example, quarter and half tank levels et cetera that can then be sent to intelligent controllers for sending out push notifications to mobile devices when the pump is turned on but the water level does not rise (power failure) or even assess at which times consumption of water is high or a tap has been left open.

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