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Reed switches in Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners in supermarkets can be clicked on to a docking system that is integrated with the check-out conveyor belt to scan automatically once the belt has indexed to a new item. During this automated scanning, some items may not be at the same level as the barcode scanner’s field of view and the scanner will need to be removed from the dock and turned to face the barcode on the item. A reed switch and magnet combination is used in the dock and the scanner and whenever the scanner is removed from the dock to conduct a manual scan, the signal from the reed switch is used to ensure that the belt does not index. Mid-sized reed switches such as the SM-1322 or the MO-1422 are suitable for such applications. The information regarding which items require a manual scan is saved and used for further improvement of the check-out system.