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Reed Relays and Electronics India Limited Incorporated in 1971

Reed switches and Reed sensors in On/off switch in Microphones and Radio transmitters

MicrophoneMicrophones convert sound into electrical signal that can then be used by other sound equipment for amplification or mixing or other. Microphones are used in various fields starting with live recordings and concerts, the movie and music making industry, smart phones and personal computers, and even in hearing devices. In some of these fields, the microphones need to sieve out unnecessary signal transients and speaker crackle at the time of switching on or off the appliance. The only way to do away with crackle is to not use the standard mechanical switches for turning the microphone on or off. This is done by mounting a reed sensor on a PCB inside the microphone, having a sliding or push unit with a magnet fitted under it. This is sure to provide crackle free operation of microphones. Unlike conventional slide switches which wear out due to repeated mechanical movements of the slide contacts, the reed sensor is actuated when the magnet is slid into place, ensures that a good contact is made, and no wear out occurs. Recommended products:


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