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Magent sensors in Satellite dish position sensing

satellite dishA satellite dish is a concave device used to transmit and receive information and is used primarily in the direct-to-home TV industry. Most DTH providers use dishes that are fixed to a permanent location, but satellite TV enthusiasts used motor driven dishes so that the dish can be moved to face any satellite position towards the sky. This makes searching for custom or private broadcasts. The dish is mounted on a pole and driven by a stepper motor or a servo motor, and can be controlled and rotated to face the dish in any direction. When the dish is signaled to rotate by the controller, a feedback system is required to help the controller know how much the dish has rotated so that it can correlate it to actual direction. This is done by using Magnet Sensors paired with multi-pole ring magnets mounted on the rotating motor shafts. The pulse counting square wave output of the Sensors are fed back to the controller. This not only helps in recording the position of the dish when locked into a signal, so it can be used in future, but to also systematically scan the sky for signals. Scanning is useful in mobile news trucks.

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