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Magnet sensors in Anchor, rudder, and hatch position

Reed switches in hatch position sensing
Boat Hatch

Conventional and recreational sailing craft derive power from sails, and the sailor adjusts the alignment of each sail, rudder or keel positions with respect to the apparent wind direction. When the boat starts turning and changing speed, the sailors check the compass and straighten the rudders and sail positions. In more advanced sail boats and yachts, the central micro processor system which handles the navigation decides the rudder and keel positions based on the course that is set by adjusting the motorized rudder. To ensure that the rudder position requested and the actual movement that has been made by the rudder controller, a feedback system is required. For this, Multiple Magnet Sensors are used with a with a magnet mounted on the rudder mechanism. Simpler feedback systems such as the requirement to check whether the anchor has been deployed fully or whether a hatch has been left open are also easily checked with a combination of Magnet Sensors and corresponding actuating Magnet.

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