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Proximity Sensors in Anemometers

Reed switches in anemometerAn Anemometer is an instrument used to measure wind speed. Spinning cup anemometers are measure wind speeds and are part of every weather station and airport. Originally, the cups of the anemometer that turned when during winds, were attached to a shaft that was mechanically translated to wind speed gauge or a graph recording. This had its own problems such as friction, which would come into play over a period, and this loss had to be compensated. This is where Magnet Sensors help. The basic, proven construction of an Anemometer, has not changed over the years, but is now improved to give out more information when used with magnets and sensors. By adding a magnet to each of the cups and a reed sensor under the stem, the same information can be generated and recorded, only more accurately. As the wind blows, the Sensor counts the number of pulses which can then be translated to wind speed, by a processor. The output generated by the Proximity Sensor can be integrated into intelligent hubs that can record wind speed over a period or send out push notifications to mobile devices when the wind speed exceeds a set limit.

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