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Thermal Reed Sensors for Sensing Temperature on Boats

Reed switches in finding boat engine temperature
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Reed Switch based thermal cut-outs are useful in a wide range of applications, either to take certain action like switching on a cooling circuits or to trigger alarms. Due to their sharp cut in, cut out bandwidth and high reliability, thermal reed switches find applications in place of bimetallic strips, thermistors and thermostats for over-heat protection or precise temperature switching. The cut-in temperature is differentiated from the cut-out temperature by an abrupt and huge change in the resistance of the reed switch Contact Resistance of a few milli-ohms to an open circuit resistance of a few mega-ohms. Thermal reed sensors are used on boats to sense engine temperature and give an indication on the instrument panel. Thermal reed sensors can also be used in a variety of applications on boats to monitor oil temperature, coolant temperature etc.

Application Classification

Applications are classified as Position Sensing, Pulse Counting, Electromagnetic or Relay, Temperature Sensing or Magnet Biasing types. This application is classified as follows and the link gives more information on best practices to help select the most suitable AT band and matching magnet.

Temperature Sensing Type

Reed switches in deep freezers Temperature Sensing Type Application in Deep Freezer Normally, Reed Switches are used in collaboration with magnets in all the other Continue reading ->

Dec 1, 2020

The Reed Switches and Sensors used in such applications need to be robust, durable and efficient in meeting a high life expectancy. Our engineers work hard in life testing our products under various conditions, and our intention is to ensure end product durability and life. Although we wouldn’t want to restrict any of our products for use in only certain applications, the recommended products for use in this application are listed below.

TRS-P Thermal Reed Sensor for AC Loads

Thermal Reed Sensor for AC Drawing of TRS-P Thermal Reed Sensor starFeaturesTemperature range of 25°C to 130°C. Less than 3°C tolerance. Normally Closed Continue reading ->

Nov 30, 2020

TRS-W Thermal Reed Sensor

Thermal Reed Sensor TRS-W Thermal Reed Sensor Drawing starFeaturesTemperature range of 25°C to 130°C. Less than 3°C tolerance. Normally Closed Continue reading ->

Nov 30, 2020