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Reed switches and Reed sensors in Wind Vanes

Reed switches in wind vanesA weather vane is an instrument used to show the direction of the wind. A regular weather vane usually consists of a pointer that moves according to the wind and point to the direction the wind is blowing. In the olden days, the wind vanes had to be monitored to note for any change in direction, but this obviously is not possible in today’s world. Based on the same construction as a regular wind vane, eight reed switches are mounted radially at 22.5 degree angles making compass points on a circular PCB or wired individually. The wind vane contains one long magnet in line with its pointer, which is the exact center of the radially mounted reed switches. As the wind direction changes the vane actuates the corresponding reed switches. These signals are fed to the microprocessor which determines wind direction and also saves the readings as a history. Suitable products: SMD formed MC-1425 and IL-2022 reed switches, and R3 SMD reed sensors.