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Reed Sensors in Capsule Endoscopy

capsule endoscopy
Endoscopy Pill

Before a Gastroenterologist can fully diagnose for example, a patient’s stomach problem, an endoscopy is recommended first. This uses a slender tube with a light and a camera, that is inserted into the patient’s throat and takes pictures of the stomach area. For people, this procedure is extremely intrusive and most uncomfortable for some. Capsule Endoscopy is a new process to circumvent problems of regular endoscopy, and consists of a small pill camera that consists of a batters, a camera and a radio-transmitter that is swallowed by the patient. This pill is time activated and turns the camera on within minutes of being swallowed, an estimated time to reach the stomach. The camera then activates and starts taking pictures of the stomach and intestines, which are then transmitted to an external receiver. The problem is that for capsule endoscopy, the battery should be activated only before being swallowed, and not when in a packed, unused  condition. This is where reed switches help. A tiny normally-closed reed sensor within the capsule, is connected to the battery circuit and made to break connection from the battery to the camera, but using an external magnet, when the pill is in a packed state. When the pill is to be used, the magnet is removed, thereby activating the pill.

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