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Reed Sensors in Pediatric Feeding tubes

Pediatric feeding tubes Pediatric Feeding tubes are used by nursing homes and hospitals on babies and young children. The insertion of the feeding tube is done post-surgery, under anesthesia and great care is taken to ensure that the location of the end of the feeding tube is known at all times specifically in cases where the feeding tube should be guided past the stomach into the duodenum. Special feeding tubes with two channels are used in such cases, with the larger channel used for liquefied food or medicine and a smaller channel for running very thin enameled cables to a reed sensor. Such reed sensors are manufactured in tiny housings made of special alloys that can hold a high degree of magnetism. With such a reed sensor at the end of the feeding tube, a large external magnet is not only be used to check where the end of the feeding tube is, but to also hold on to the magnet’s field to aid in moving the feeding tube by moving the magnet outside. Reed Switches for such application are available on request from RRE, and can be supplied housed in these special alloy housings.

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