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Reed switches in Vagus Nerve Stimulators

Vagus Nerve stimulator
Vagus Nerve Stimulator

The Vagus nerve in the neck is one of the primary communication lines to the brain. For patients with epilepsy problems, Vagus nerve stimulators or VNS for short, are implantable devices that help control seizures. This is generally done as an out-patient procedure as the implant is small and can be embedded near the collar bone, under the skin. Vagus Nerve stimulators control the stimulation of impulses to the brain, by delivering electrical impulses to the Vagus Nerve.  When a patient senses a seizure coming, a magnetic wand is used over the area where the stimulator is implanted, to activate the reed switch inside, which triggers an extra, on-demand stimulation to the Vagus nerve, by controlling the frequency, current, duty cycle and pulse width.

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