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Reed sensors in Radio-controlled Gliders and model Airplanes

Reed switches in model airplanes
Model Airplane

Radio controlled aircrafts, gliders and helicopters come in various sizes from simple ones with few controls to more expensive ones with several controls for the flaps, yokes, and motor speeds. On the simpler models, the hand held controller uses joysticks radio frequency to communicate with the crafts but this is not a closed loop system for there is no feedback as to the exact settings on the craft. The more expensive models require feedback from the craft when the controller is used and this is where reed sensors are useful.
Reed Sensors are very light devices and can be used on these models in the flap areas to sense whether the flaps have been deployed properly and also to check the multiple angles of the flaps. The same principle can also be used to check if the under carriage is down so that the model can be landed safely. More complicated models use multiple reed sensors for sensing a host of other features.

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