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Reed switches in Domestic Coffee Machines

Reed switches in Domestic coffee machineCoffee Machines brew coffee when the user adds water, coffee powder and milk. Intelligent coffee machines such as ones that send smart phone notifications when it runs out of water or whenever the coffee is brewed and ready, require sensors for such jobs. The simpler models have small tanks for the water and milk, with coffee powder added to the filter paper under the coffee pot, but the more advanced models have water pipe inlets, grind coffee beans and use metal filters that are used to brew the coffee under high pressure. In the models that use an inlet water hose, a solenoid is used to fill up the water reservoir whenever needed. As the water drains, the float comes down and activates a reed sensor, and this signal is used to trigger the input water solenoid once again. In machines without an incoming water pipe inlet, a float with a magnet is fitted on to a stem on the reservoir cap with a reed sensor mounted just outside the reservoir. This way, when the water level gets to a near low, an indication is given to the appliance display and the reservoir can be taken out for refilling.

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