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Reed switch based Reed Relays in Food Processors and Mixers

Reed switches in food processor
Food Processor

Food Processors use Reed Relays to trigger an output when the coil current exceeds a set, designed-in point. Reed Relays can also be designed to switch multiple circuits. Such Reed Relays are usually designed with minimal turns of the coil using Copper wire diameter which is more than the winding used on standard signal switching relays.

Mixers, food processors and grinders require an over-current protection limit which cuts off the power to the motor whenever the grinding blades or mechanical parts get obstructed physically, to protect the motor winding. Reed switch based current sensing relays are available in a wide range of configurations such as normally open, normally closed and capable of turning on or off multiple circuits when the set current is reached. A simple Magnet Sensors and a magnet is also used in Food Processors to check if the grinding jar has been locked in fully. This helps the motor mechanism engage well with the jar for efficient operation.

The design of current sensors is critical and several parameters of the basic reed switch such as lead diameter and blade flexibility affect switching point. Current sensing Reed Relays are also designed in with Resistor-Capacitor arrays to protect the reed switch contact from working off the motor.

Application Classification

Applications are classified as Position Sensing, Pulse Counting, Electromagnetic or Relay, Temperature Sensing or Magnet Biasing types. This application is classified as follows and the link gives more information on best practices to help select the most suitable AT band and matching magnet.

Electromagnetic or Relay Type

Reed switches in food processor Reed Relay in Food Processor Application When it is necessary to control a circuit load by using a separate low-power signal, or where Continue reading ->

Nov 7, 2020

The Reed Switches and Sensors used in such applications need to be robust, durable and efficient in meeting a high life expectancy. Our engineers work hard in life testing our products under various conditions, and our intention is to ensure end product durability and life. Although we wouldn’t want to restrict any of our products for use in only certain applications, the recommended products for use in this application are listed below.

MS-216-L Cylindrical Sensor for Line Voltages

cylindrical sensor for line voltage icon Drawing of MS-216-L Magnet Sensor starFeatures10W Contact Rating. Normally Open contact. Three sensitivity bands. Sputtered Ruthenium Continue reading ->

Oct 30, 2020

LV-1925 Reed Switch for Line Voltage switching

Reed Switch for Line voltage switching The LV-1925 is a Line Voltage Reed Switch is designed for endurance at switching line voltage loads of 230V. Two versions are capable of Continue reading ->

Dec 2, 2020

IL-2022 Reed Switch for Inductive Loads

Reed Switch for Inductive Load This Inductive Load switching IL-2022 Reed Switch is designed for performance at moderate inductive loads of 15W. The flattened leads are Continue reading ->

Dec 3, 2020