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Proximity sensors in Top-loading washing machines

washing machine lid position sensing

Traditional top-loading Washing Machines have some advantages over the front-loading ones. One does not need to bend down so much during loading and unloading, the wash cycles are shorter and there is lesser vibration. Proximity sensors or Reed Sensors are used under the top loading door, with a magnet on the door, to stop the cycle instantly when the door is inadvertently opened in-cycle. This helps stop the motor as well which could cause an accident. The same sensor is also used to re-continue the cycle where it left off, when the door is closed. As Proximity Sensors are sealed inside a plastic housing, they are safe to use in humid alkali environments or even submerged in water. Our screw mountable type flat packs or any of the PCB mountable Reed Sensors can be used in this application. In offices and other areas where there are multiple washing machine installed, the machine door sensors are used to collect information pertaining to when the machines are being used the most et cetera which can further improve the efficiency of the area.

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