We manufacture a wide range of products including Reed Switches, Reed Sensors, Magnet Sensors and other Customised Magnet Sensors. These products are widely used in numerous industries and sectors due to their effective and reliable functionality.

Our prominent product is the Reed Switch, which utilise two reed blades that switch the flow of electric current. These switches consist of two ferromagnetic reed contacts that are sealed within a glass tube. When a magnetic field is applied, the contacts close, allowing the current to flow. Reed Switches are available in various forms such as Form A (normally open), Form B (normally closed), and Form C (changeover). This versatility makes them suitable for a broad range of applications.

We also offer Reed Sensors, which are based on the principles of a Reed Switch, but come with added circuitry or packaging. Reed Sensors are primarily used for detection in harsher environments with shock and vibration. They can detect the presence or absence of a magnetic field and convert it into a useful electrical signal. These sensors come in different forms and are used as liquid level sensors, and speed sensors, each catering to specific application requirements.

We also manufacture Float Switches, Level Sensors, Thermal Cut Outs and Ferrous Metal detection Sensors. These are electromechanical switches that use Reed Switches as their core component. They are widely used in test and measurement equipment, telecommunications, and medical applications. Float Switches, on the other hand, are used for liquid level measurement and control. They are commonly found in water tanks, sump pumps, and other similar applications. Level Sensors, as the name suggests, are utilised for accurately measuring and monitoring liquid levels in various industrial processes.

All products come with comprehensive technical information, including detailed specifications, operating principles, and application guidelines. These serve as a valuable resource for design engineers, technicians, and businesses seeking reliable sensing solutions for their projects and systems.