We are pleased to share the latest news and updates in the field or Reed Switches and Reed Sensors. With a commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, we aim to meet the evolving needs of various industries around the world.

In recent developments, we have introduced a new and improved products with better specifications that offer enhanced performance and reliability. These switches, built with advanced materials and optimized design, provide improved sensitivity and durability in demanding applications. The company's engineering team has invested in research and development efforts to create reed switches that not only meet but exceed industry standards.

Furthermore, we have also expanded our applications portfolio to include a wide range of reed switch and reed sensors applications for various sectors. These updated products recommended for such applications are offered with high precision in detecting magnetic fields, enabling accurate and can efficiently operate in diverse applications such as automotive, security systems, medical devices, and industrial automation. By constantly improving the sensitivity and response time of their sensors, the company continues to provide solutions that enable reliable and seamless performance for customers.

In additional news, we are also proud to announce collaborations with leading industry partners, allowing for the integration of their magnetic sensing solutions into various systems. Through strategic alliances, the company aims to drive innovation and facilitate seamless integration of reed switches and reed sensors in a wide range of industries.

To further enhance customer experience, we continue improve our user-friendly website that provides comprehensive information about their products, applications, and technical support. Our website offers an updated product catalog, data sheets, and application notes to assist customers in making informed decisions regarding their magnetic sensing requirements.

Listed below are the news and updates that empower our company and customers achieve optimal performance and efficiency.

Reduction of Share Capital Approved

Reduction of Share Capital Approved The shareholders of the Company and the general public, be informed that the National Company Law Tribunal, Chennai Bench (the NCLT /...Continue reading ->

Aug 25, 2020

Normally Closed Ultra-miniature SMD Reed Sensor

Normally Closed Ultra-miniature SMD Reed Sensor Added new normally closed ultra miniature SMD reed sensor capable of switching 5W. This sensor has a 6.5mm over all...Continue reading ->

Jul 12, 2019


Standard Ferro-magnetic Metal Detection Sensor

Standard Ferro-magnetic Metal Detection Sensor New FM-328  sensor, can switch moderate loads of 10W. This sensor can detect...Continue reading ->

Sep 11, 2019

Solar Plant

Solar Plant We installed a Solar plant as the first stage in reducing our dependency on fossil fuels. Our goal is to source 60-70% of our total power...Continue reading ->

Oct 29, 2020



Sputtering To make the factory more environment friendly, we went out of wet plating and went into a high vacuum sputtering process to coat all our...Continue reading ->

Sep 11, 2019

New Location

New Location Our factory and office have shifted to a new location as there was a need to build a new factory with the latest technology in construction...Continue reading ->

Sep 12, 2019


Ordering Code

Ordering Code AT bands and ordering codes for the R5, R3, R2 and R2B molded reed sensors were altered to help customers select the AT band before or...Continue reading ->

Sep 11, 2019

R3 SMD Reed Sensor

R3 SMD Reed Sensor R3 Reed Sensor dimensions increased slightly for better AT band holding during the moulding and SMD formation...Continue reading ->

Sep 11, 2019


Level Sensing Circuits

Level Sensing Circuits Different types of level sensing circuits for use in the domestic, construction and automotive...Continue reading ->

Sep 11, 2019

R5 Ultra-miniature SMD Reed Sensor

R5 Ultra-miniature SMD Reed Sensor New R5 Ultra-miniature SMD reed sensor capable of switching 5W. This sensor has a 6.5mm over all...Continue reading ->

Sep 11, 2019