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Glossary on Reed Switches, Reed Sensors and Magnets

Reed Switch Glossary

A reed switch is a crucial component in various electronic devices and systems, known for its reliability and versatility. Our Reed Switch Glossary provides a comprehensive understanding of the terminology associated with these magnetic sensors, shedding light on their operation and applications. To help understand the reed switch terms and parlance, we have also highlighted key words throughout this website for easy linking to the right glossary pages.

One fundamental term discussed in the glossary is “actuation distance,” referring to the minimum distance at which a magnetic field can trigger the reed switch to close/open its contacts. Understanding the actuation distance is essential for designing systems where precise sensing and switching capabilities are required.

Another key term is “hysteresis,” which describes the difference in actuation and release points of the reed switch. Hysteresis influences the stability and reliability of the switch, ensuring that it remains in the desired state even in the presence of external factors such as vibration or temperature fluctuations. Some applications require only an actuation distance but some critical ones require both the actuation and a release distance.

Furthermore, our Reed Switch glossary delves into the concept of “contact resistance,” which refers to the resistance encountered when current flows through the closed contacts of the reed switch. Minimizing contact resistance is crucial for maintaining efficient electrical conductivity and ensuring optimal performance of the switch.

This Reed Switch Glossary also educates about various types of reed switches, including “normally open” and “normally closed” configurations. Understanding the distinctions between these switch types is essential for selecting the most suitable option for a specific application.

Moreover, the glossary covers terms related to the construction and materials used in reed switches, highlighting the importance of factors such as glass encapsulation, contact material, and contact overlap in determining the switch’s functionality and durability.

Overall, the Reed Switch Glossary serves as a valuable resource for engineers, designers, and enthusiasts looking to deepen their knowledge of reed switch technology. By familiarising oneself with the terminology and concepts outlined in the glossary, individuals can make informed decisions when selecting, designing, and implementing reed switches in various electronic systems.

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