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Anti-ferro-magnetism is a phenomenon by which a magnetic field creates parallel but opposing spins and varies with temperature.

Antiferromagnetism (Wikipedia)

In materials that exhibit antiferromagnetism, the magnetic moments of atoms or molecules, usually related to the spins of electrons, align in a regular pattern with neighboring spins (on different sublattices) pointing in opposite directions. This is, like ferromagnetism and ferrimagnetism, a manifestation of ordered magnetism. The phenomenon of antiferromagnetism was first introduced by Lev Landau in 1933.

Antiferromagnetic ordering
Magnetic orders : comparison between ferro, antiferro and ferrimagnetism

Generally, antiferromagnetic order may exist at sufficiently low temperatures, but vanishes at and above the Néel temperature – named after Louis Néel, who had first identified this type of magnetic ordering. Above the Néel temperature, the material is typically paramagnetic.

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