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Ferri-magnetism is a phenomenon exhibited by materials such as Ferrites, having parallel but opposite alignment of neighboring atoms. The resulting opposing moments are unequal and the material tends to exhibit a form of weak Ferro-magnetism.

Ferrimagnetism (Wikipedia)

Ferrimagnetic ordering

A ferrimagnetic material is material that has populations of atoms with opposing magnetic moments, as in antiferromagnetism. For ferrimagnetic materials these moments are unequal in magnitude so a spontaneous magnetization remains. This can for example happen when the populations consist out of different atoms or ions (such as Fe2+ and Fe3+).

Ferrimagnetism has often been confused with ferromagnetism. The oldest known magnetic substance magnetite (Fe3O4) was classified as a ferromagnet before Louis Néel discovered ferrimagnetism in 1948. Since the discovery, numerous uses have been found for ferrimagnetic materials, such as hard drive platters and biomedical applications.

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