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Ferri-magnetism is a phenomenon exhibited by materials such as Ferrites, having parallel but opposite alignment of neighboring atoms. The resulting opposing moments are unequal and the material tends to exhibit a form of weak Ferro-magnetism.

Ferrimagnetism (Wikipedia)

A ferrimagnetic material is a material that has populations of atoms with opposing magnetic moments, as in antiferromagnetism, but these moments are unequal in magnitude so a spontaneous magnetization remains. This can for example occur when the populations consist of different atoms or ions (such as Fe2+ and Fe3+).

Ferrimagnetic ordering
Magnetic orders : comparison between ferro, antiferro and ferrimagnetism

Like ferromagnetic substances, ferrimagnetic substances are attracted by magnets and can be magnetized to make permanent magnets. The oldest known magnetic substance, magnetite (Fe3O4), was classified as a ferromagnet before Louis Néel discovered ferrimagnetism in 1948. Since the discovery, numerous uses have been found for ferrimagnetic materials, such as hard drive platters and biomedical applications.

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