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Magnetic Permeability

Magnetic Permeability

Magnetic Permeability is the ability of a material to get magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. The reed blades of a reed switch are made of a Nickel-Iron alloy which are magnetically permeable and this is what causes the reed blades to attract each other in the presence of a magnetic field. Our reed switches undergo a special annealing process to ensure excellent permeability and low magnetic remanence.

Simplified comparison of permeabilities for: ferromagnets (μf), paramagnets (μp), free space (μ0) and diamagnets (μd)

In electromagnetism, permeability is the measure of the resistance of a material against the formation of a magnetic field, otherwise known as distributed inductance in transmission line theory. Hence, it is the degree of magnetization that a material obtains in response to an applied magnetic field. Permeability is typically represented by the (italicized) Greek letter μ. The term was coined in September 1885 by Oliver Heaviside. The reciprocal of permeability is magnetic reluctivity.

In SI units, permeability is measured in henries per meter (H/m), or equivalently in newtons per ampere squared (N/A2). The permeability constant μ0, also known as the magnetic constant or the permeability of free space, is a measure of the amount of resistance encountered when forming a magnetic field in a classical vacuum. Until 20 May 2019, the magnetic constant had the exact (defined) value μ0 = 4π × 10−7 H/m ≈ 12.57×10−7 H/m.

On 20 May 2019, a revision to the SI system went into effect, making the vacuum permeability no longer a constant but rather a value that needs to be determined experimentally;4π × 1.00000000082(20)×10−7 H/m is a recently measured value in the new system. It is proportional to the dimensionless fine-structure constant with no other dependencies.

A closely related property of materials is magnetic susceptibility, which is a dimensionless proportionality factor that indicates the degree of magnetization of a material in response to an applied magnetic field.

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