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Magnetic Field Strength

Oersted is the CGS system unit of magnetic field strength. The equivalent SI unit is Ampere-turn/metre, and 1 Oersted = 1000/4π or 79.58 Ampere-turns/metre.

Oersted (Wikipedia)

The oersted (symbol Oe) is the coherent derived unit of the auxiliary magnetic field H in the centimetre–gram–second system of units (CGS). It is equivalent to 1 dyne per maxwell.

Unit systemGaussian units
Unit ofmagnetic field strength
Named afterHans Christian Ørsted
Derivation1 dyn/Mx
1 Oe in ...... is equal to ...
   Gaussian base units   1 cm−1/2⋅g1/2⋅s−1
   SI units   (4π)−1×103 A/m ≈ 79.57747 A/m
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