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Sputtering is a process that uses ions of an Inert Gas to dislodge atoms from the surface of a Target, and have them electrically deposited to form an extremely thin coating on a glass, metal, plastic, or other surface known as the substrate. Reed Blades can be sputtered using various Target materials.

Sputtering (Wikipedia)

Sputtering is a process whereby particles are ejected from a solid target material due to bombardment of the target by energetic particles, particularly gas ions in a laboratory. It only happens when the kinetic energy of the incoming particles is much higher than conventional thermal energies ( 1 eV). This process can lead, during prolonged ion or plasma bombardment of a material, to significant erosion of materials, and can thus be harmful. On the other hand, it is commonly used for thin-film deposition, etching and analytical techniques. Sputtering is done either using DC voltage (DC sputtering) or using AC voltage (RF sputtering). In DC sputtering, voltage is set from 3-5 kV and in RF sputtering, power supply is set at 14 MHz. Due to the application of an alternating current, the ions inside the plasma oscillate resulting in an increase in the levels of plasma.

A commercial AJA Orion sputtering system at Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility
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