Reed Relays and
Electronics India Limited
Manufacturer of Reed Switches, Reed Sensors and Reed-based products
Reed Relays and Electronics India Limited Incorporated in 1971


Sputtering Machine

Sputtering is a process that uses ions of an Inert Gas to dislodge atoms from the surface of a Target, and have them electrically deposited to form an extremely thin coating on a glass, metal, plastic, or other surface known as the substrate. Reed Blades can be sputtered using various Target materials.

Sputtering (Wikipedia)

In physics, sputtering is a phenomenon in which microscopic particles of a solid material are ejected from its surface, after the material is itself bombarded by energetic particles of a plasma or gas. It occurs naturally in outer space, and can be an unwelcome source of wear in precision components. However, the fact that it can be made to act on extremely fine layers of material is utilised in science and industry—there, it is used to perform precise etching, carry out analytical techniques, and deposit thin film layers in the manufacture of optical coatings, semiconductor devices and nanotechnology products. It is a physical vapor deposition technique.

A commercial AJA Orion sputtering system at Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility
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