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Magnetic Flux

Tesla is the SI unit of magnetic flux density. The equivalent CGS system unit is Gauss, and 1 Tesla = 10^4 Gauss.

Tesla_(unit) (Wikipedia)
Unit systemSI derived unit
Unit ofMagnetic B-field
Magnetic flux density
Named afterNikola Tesla
Derivation:1 T = 1 Wb/m2
1 T in ...... is equal to ...
   SI base units   1 kgs−2A−1
   Gaussian units   1×104 G

The tesla (symbol: T) is a derived unit of the magnetic B-field strength (also, magnetic flux density) in the International System of Units.

One tesla is equal to one weber per square metre. The unit was announced during the General Conference on Weights and Measures in 1960 and is named in honour of Nikola Tesla, upon the proposal of the Slovenian electrical engineer France Avčin.

The strongest fields encountered from permanent magnets on Earth are from Halbach spheres and can be over 4.5 T. The record for the highest sustained pulsed magnetic field has been produced by scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory campus of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, the world's first 100-tesla non-destructive magnetic field. In September 2018, researchers at the University of Tokyo generated a field of 1200 T which lasted in the order of 100 microseconds using the electromagnetic flux-compression technique.

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