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New to Reed Switches or Reed Sensors? This section gives detailed information right from the basics of reed switches to the more advanced topics like Magnet selection, and contact protection. A glossary section with meanings to the most widely used reed switch related terms is also available. This whole section is available as a single PDF file here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Usage Notes What is a Reed Sensor ? How does a Reed Switch work ? What magnetic force is required to close a Reed Switch ? What are the advantages in using Reed Switches ? ... Continue reading ->


Usage Notes We have added an alphabetical list of Glossary terms used in the Reed Switch and Reed Sensor business as a quick reference. Clicking the alphabets bar will display terms accordingly, and linking to the appropriate term pages will give more informatio Continue reading ->

Operating Characteristics

Usage Notes When a Reed Switch is actuated by a permanent magnet, the ON-OFF region differs depending on the type and OAT of the switch, and size and power of the permanent magnet... Continue reading ->

Magnet Information

Usage Notes In general, there are four families of magnets available commercially. Factors such as operating temperature, demagnetizing effects, field strength... Continue reading ->

Actuating a Reed Switch

Usage Notes In all systems, magnet and reed switch must be brought to within a specific proximity of each other. This distance will vary in accordance with the sensitivity of the reed switch and.... Continue reading ->

Reed Switch Lead Formations and Tolerances

Usage Notes Cropping the leads of a reed switch removes low reluctance iron and introduces high reluctance air into the magnetic circuit, much the same as adding resistance to... Continue reading ->

Reed Sensor Contact Protection Circuits

Usage Notes When a reed switch is to be connected to an inductive load or a load where surge current or in-rush current flows (such as a capacitive load or a lamp load)... Continue reading ->

Level Sensing Circuits

Usage Notes Reed Switches and Reed Sensors are used along with resistors or special reed sensors with an integrated resistor on PCBs to give out a potentiometric feed back across two outputs as a foamed magnetic float moves along its length... Continue reading ->

Reed Switch Test Procedure

Usage Notes Sample circuits for measurement of ampere turn values and static contact resistance of reed contacts. Test coil and reed switch should be vertical, or if horizontal, only in an east-west direction, to null the earth's magnetic field... Continue reading ->

Reed Switch Life Tests

Usage Notes Information on life testing reed switches. A life test is a destructive test conducted to ensure the reliability of reed switches for different combinations of voltage... Continue reading ->