Effects of Temperature

Effects of Temperature Effects of increase and decrease in temperature on reed based products and magnets. Continue reading ->

Aug 27, 2020


Lead Formation Dimensions

Lead Formation Dimensions When requesting for reed switches with cropped or formed leads, it is important to note some points regarding dimensions and tolerances. Continue reading ->

Jun 26, 2020

Lead Formation Tolerances

Lead Formation Tolerances Cropping the leads of a reed switch removes low reluctance iron and introduces high reluctance air into the magnetic circuit, much the same as adding Continue reading ->

Jun 26, 2020


Product Handling

Product Handling Reed Switches, Reed Sensor and Magnet Sensors are sensitive devices that easily develop micro cracks in the glass to metal seals when subjected to ext Continue reading ->

Aug 31, 2020


Cropping Wire cutters transfer shock in both directions and end nippers only transfer shock one way. Use only oriented end nippers for cropping reed switch lea Continue reading ->

Sep 4, 2019


Reflow Soldering

Reflow Soldering Reflow Soldering is the process of automatically soldering multiple devices to a PCB. Continue reading ->

Aug 28, 2020

Welding Guide

Welding Guide The coefficients of thermal expansion of the leads and glass are closely matched, but welding and soldering heat the wire more quickly than the time i Continue reading ->

Sep 11, 2019


Manual Soldering

Manual Soldering Manual Soldering of reed switch leads may be required when using custom plastic housing with external cables. Here is our soldering guide. Continue reading ->

Nov 10, 2020

Ferro-magnetic parts

Ferro-magnetic parts Using Ferro-magnetic mounting parts or screws within a 100 mm vicinity of a reed switch will reduce its operating distance as such ferro-magnetic pa Continue reading ->

Sep 4, 2019


Potting and Encapsulation

Potting and Encapsulation As some potting compounds cure over 24 hours, the glass seals should be protected. Use a flexible resin for potting or encapsulation, after protecting Continue reading ->

Sep 4, 2019

Cable Handling

Cable Handling Cables with higher strands should be used so that there is minimal work hardening during constant movement. Twisting cables or bending them too close Continue reading ->

Sep 4, 2019


Magnet Usage

Magnet Usage The storage and usage temperature of magnets should be within the individual raw material specification limits. It is not recommended to store magnets Continue reading ->

Sep 4, 2019