Reed Relays and
Electronics India Limited
Manufacturer of Reed Switches, Reed Sensors and Reed-based products
Reed Relays and Electronics India Limited Incorporated in 1971

Product Handling

Dropping Reed switch
Reed Switch Handling

Reed Switches, Reed Sensor and Magnet Sensors are sensitive devices that easily develop micro cracks in the glass to metal seals when subjected to external vibrations or shocks. In the worst case, such cracks could cause the gas to leak out and reduce the life of the contact considerably. Cracks could also alter the positions of the delicate reed blades inside the glass to metal seals, thereby changing the Operate AT and consequently, the Release AT as well. In some cases, the blades could also get twisted or develop point contact, which will increase the contact resistance. Users should ensure that if a reed switch falls off a table of 1 meter height, it should be inspected for cracks, and also checked to see if it still maintains the same actuating distance with the magnet used in the application. When manual handling reed switches, care should be taken that rubber gloves or covering the fingers are worn. When storing reed switches, it is recommended to use a room with not too fast a temperature change. Areas with magnetic fields such as transformers should be avoided.