Cylindrical Sensors

Cylindrical Sensors Magnetic proximity sensors are used where high positional accuracy in sensing is required. Cylindrical Sensors are available from the smallest 2.5 mm ...Continue reading ->

Threaded Magnet Sensors

Threaded Magnet Sensors These threaded brass sensors are built for mounting in threaded holes. These type of sensors are particularly useful in applications where distance ad...Continue reading ->

Flat Pack Magnet Sensors

Flat Pack Magnet Sensors These screw-mountable Flat-pack Magnet Sensors can be directly mounted on enclosures, doors and windows. Available in two different sizes and can swit...Continue reading ->

Actuation Distances for Magnet Sensors

Actuation Distances for Magnet Sensors Links to operate and release distances of Magnet Sensors in the three standard AT bands when actuated with NdFeB standard...Continue reading ->

Cylindrical and Bar Magnets

Actuation Distances for Magnet Sensors We offer a range of magnets in different sizes and shapes, specially selected to meet various applications, with different working temperatures and st Continue reading ->

Oct 30, 2020

Magnet Sensor Cross Reference

Actuation Distances for Magnet Sensors Nearest magnet sensor equivalents to those of other manufacturers like Hamlin Electronics, OKI Sensor Device Corporation, Aleph International, Meder E Continue reading ->

Sep 11, 2019