Magnet Sensors are used where high positional accuracy in sensing is required and an actuating magnet is required in the same package. These sensors come with cables of configurable length and are suitable for use in applications where there is some distance between the position sensing requirement and the control circuit mounting. They are available in Cylindrical, Threaded and Screw mountable packages to cover most mounting requirements.

Cylindrical Reed Sensors are available from the smallest 2.5 mm diameter ultra-miniature packages to the standard 6.0 mm diameter packages. The Threaded versions are suitable for applications where fine positional adjustment is required and for use in harsh industrial environments. Screw mountable magnet sensors can be directly mounted on enclosures, doors and windows.

These Magnet sensors come in various load switching ranges, cable length and terminations types. All product pages are listed with drawings, complete electrical and miscellaneous specifications, Actuation distances, usage notes and application areas. RoHS certified.