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MS-324 Miniature Flat Pack Reed Sensor with Actuator

MS-324 actuation distance Miniature flat pack sensor
MS-324 actuation distance
MS-324 actuation distance

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Does not require power for operation Omni-polar device; actuates with either pole of magnet Normally Open contact, others available on request Sputtered Ruthenium contact Three magnetic sensitivity bands RoHS Compliant and Lead-free Not Sensitive to ESD Various types of leads and connectors available Actuator magnet available in same housing


This screw mountable sensor can be mounted with M3 screws and can switch moderate loads of 10W. It is particularly useful in industrial applications where distance adjustments need to be made every now and then. Various activating distances are available depending on the magnet and the AT band used. This sensor can be supplied with non-standard connectors on request. All sensors are tested 100% for Operate AT, Release AT, Static Contact Resistance and Variable Contact Resistance before packing. Our products are completely Lead-free and conform to the RoHS directive.


This magnetic proximity sensor is suitable for use in the following applications and in many others: coil winder tension sensing, fluid and electricity meters, coffee machines, dishwashers, Top-loading washing machines, fluid level sensing, two wheeler side stand, accidental airbag deployment prevention, door and window security, tamper proofing, Fire safety doors, Surveyor’s Wheels


Contact Form A
Contact Rating (max) W/VA 10.0
Switching Current (max) A 0.5
Carry Current (max) A 1.5
DC Switching Voltage (max) VDC 180
Breakdown Voltage (min) VDC 200
Contact Resistance (max) 150
Operating Temperature °C -40 to +70
Shock Resistance (½Sin wave for 11ms) G 50
Vibration Resistance (10-2000Hz) G 20

Ordering Code

MS-324-(Operate AT Code)-(Cable Length in mm)-(Lead Type Code)

OAT Code OAT Band Lead Type Code Code
1 10-15 S Stripped to 5 mm
2 15-20 T Stripped and Tinned
3 20-25

Operate AT bands indicated above are for unmodified reed switch.
Example :MS-324-1-500-S
Denotes MS-324 proximity sensor in 10-15 Operate AT, with 500 mm cable length and Stripped to 5 mm.

Possible magnet actuations

A few examples of magnet actuation are shown above. Being an omnipolar device, this sensor can be actuated with either a north pole or a south pole or both. Choosing the right AT band, magnet strength, and operating axis, will restrict the number of operates and releases to one. Click here to view actuation distances of this sensor with the standard magnets.

MS-324 Miniature Flat Pack Reed Sensor with Actuator
MS-324 screw mountable Flat pack Reed Sensors: 10W, omnipolar, 4 mm mounting slots for screw mounting, complete data sheet and technical specifications.
Brand: RRE
Manufacturer: Reed Relays and Electronics
Model: MS-324
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