Reed switches are widely used in various industries for their versatile sensing capabilities. These sensors are known for their simplicity and reliability, making them a popular choice for many applications as they are hermetically sealed.

In addition to magnet sensing, Reed Switches are also used to detect fluid levels, temperatures, and vanes in various applications, such as sensing the position of a car door or detecting the presence of a seat belt. They are also used in fluid level such as wind screen viper and oil level, and also whether a preset temperature has been reached to trigger an alarm. In addition, reed sensors are used in medical devices, such as in flow meters to monitor the flow of fluids.

We manufacture other Reed-based products such as Float Switches, Level Sensors, Ferro-magnetic metal detection Sensors, Thermal Reed Switches, Test Coils and Magnets, and Kelvin Test Sockets. Our Horizontal or Vertical mount Float Switches can be used in applications where a specific level in a liquid has to be monitored, and our Level Sensor PCB assemblies can be used to accurately measure the volume of fluid in a tank.

Ferro-magnetic metal detection sensors can be used to detect any ferro-magnetic metal without the need for an actuating magnet and Kelvin sensing based test sockets can be used to measure the operate AT, release AT, contact resistance and other parameters when used with the right hardware and software.

All product pages are listed with drawings and complete electrical and miscellaneous specifications, Usage Notes, and Applications Notes. Special configurations are also available on request.