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FS-H Float Switch for Horizontal Mounting

Float Switch drawing
All dimensions in mm


Normally Open contact Sputtered Ruthenium contact Different on and off angles available RoHS Compliant and Lead-free Not Sensitive to ESD Does not require power for operation Various types of leads and connectors available Contact rating of up to 30W


This float switching can be mount horizontally and is available in Normally Open form for use in different logic circuits to control liquid levels. 30W line voltages can be switched safely without the need for any contact protection.


Contact Form A
Contact Rating (max) W/VA 30.0
Switching Current (max) A 0.5
Carry Current (max) A 2.5
Switching Voltage (max) VDC 230
Breakdown Voltage (min) VDC 350
Contact Resistance (max) 150
Operating Temperature °C -40 to +70
Shock Resistance (½Sin wave for 11ms) G 50
Vibration Resistance (10-2000Hz) G 20

Ordering Code

FS-H-(Cable Length in mm)-(Lead Type Code)

Lead Type Code Code
S Stripped to 5 mm
T Stripped and Tinned

Ordering Code Example

Denotes Normally Open FS-H Float Switch with 500 mm cable length and Stripped ends.


FS-H Float Switch for Horizontal Mounting
FS-H horizontal Float Switch from RRE: Normally Open (NO), 30W, omnipolar, different on/off angles complete data sheet and technical specifications.
Brand: RRE
Manufacturer: Reed Relays and Electronics
Model: FS-H
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