We offer a broad selection of test coils and magnets to help customers test the operate and AT and actuating distances of our Sensors. The high-quality coils are designed to provide reliable and accurate performance at rated coil voltage and specifications. These electromagnetic coils are manufactured using precise techniques to ensure consistent results in number of turns and turns per layer of winding. The test coil resistance is also controlled to specifications. The strong magnetic fields generated by the coils enable efficient repeated operation of reed switches operate and release AT during testing.

The cylindrical test coils are used in-house for measurement of electrical and magnetic parameters of our Reed Switches, and the rectangular test coils are used to actuate with Reed Sensors and Magnetic Sensors. All sensing products are listed with actuating distances are paired with these magnets. We also offer 4-terminal Kelvin measurement test sockets for accurate Ampere-turn and Contact resistance measurements.

Our comprehensive range of magnets includes both bar and cylinder shapes, offering versatility for various applications. These magnets are made with premium NdFeB alloys to ensure strong magnetic forces. The magnets are carefully engineered to align with the reed switches, ensuring efficient activation, as show in each of our sensor actuation distance pages. The magnets are offered with a multilayer plating process to help withstand corrosion and changing temperatures.

In conclusion, these permanent magnets and test coils are the right accessories that go with our magnetic sensors to help assess the magnetic sensitivity in multiple ways.

Cylindrical and Rectangular Magnets

Cylindrical and Rectangular Magnets Drawing of Cylindrical MagnetsDrawing of Rectangular Bar Magnets starFeaturesNdFeB High Energy. Nickel coated. Energized...Continue reading ->

Nov 18, 2020

Test Coils for Reed Switches and Reed Sensors

Test Coils for Reed Switches and Reed Sensors Drawing of Cylindrical Test CoilsDrawing of Rectangular Test Coils starFeaturesWound on Wooden Bobbin. Enamelled Copper Windings....Continue reading ->

Oct 30, 2020