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MS-108 Standard Size PCB Mountable Reed Sensor

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  • MS-108 Reed Sensor Pad Layout Drawing


10W Contact Rating. 20.3 mm PCB Pitch. Normally Open contact. Two sensitivity bands. Two Lead Formations. Bulk Packed in Boxes.



Omni-polar. Does not require power for operation. Sputtered Ruthenium Contact. RoHS Compliant. Not ESD Sensitive.


This standard size PCB mountable reed sensor is manufactured to carry up to 1.5A. The internal blades always parallel to the top surface of the sensor. Change-over versions can also be built on request. All sensors are tested 100% for Operate AT, Release AT, Static Contact Resistance and Variable Contact Resistance before packing. Being an omnipolar device, this sensor can be actuated with either a north pole or a south pole or both. Choosing the right AT band, magnet strength, and operating axis, will restrict the number of operates and releases to one.

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Contact FormA
Contact Rating (max)W/VA10.0
Switching Current (max)A0.5
Carry Current (max)A1.50
DC Switching Voltage (max)VDC180
Breakdown Voltage (min)VDC200
Contact Resistance (max)150
Insulation Resistance (min)Ω109
Capacitance (typ)pF0.2


Operate Time (max)ms0.35
Bounce Time (max)ms0.30
Release Time (max)ms0.10
Resonance Frequency (typ)Hz<2000
Operating Frequency (max)Hz500
Operating Temperature Range°C-40 to +140
Shock Resistance (½Sin wave for 11ms)G30
Vibration Resistance (10-2000 Hz)G20

Ordering Code

MS-108-(Operate Band Code)

Operate Band Code

Example: MS-108-2 denotes MS-108 Reed Sensor in 15-20 Operate Band (AT).

Other Special Configurations: Lower Static Contact Resistance, Dynamic Contact Resistance Limit, Special Release Limits, Gold plated leads.

Usage Notes

Here are some of the recommended usage notes to ensure maximum durability of this product. The complete usage notes are available here.

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MS-108 Standard Size PCB Mountable Reed Sensor
Standard Size PCB Mountable Reed Sensor Series: 10W, omnipolar, complete data sheet and technical specifications.
Brand: RRE
Manufacturer: Reed Relays and Electronics
Model: MS-108
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