We manufacture a range of Miniature and Standard Size Reed Switches that use sputtered Ruthenium contacts. They are inert gas filled and come with Tin plated leads. Loads as low as a few micro-watts to as high as 120 W can be switched. Products can be used in a wide range of applications, from low level signal switching in mobile phones to high wattage switching in reed relays. Other applications include high speed sensing and temperature monitoring. Cylindrical glass tubes and round wires are used to ensure maximum glass seal surface area, seal integrity and strength. On the types with flattened leads, a small portion of the wire is left round just for the seal areas.

Our Miniature magnetic Reed Switches are specially designed for switching low and medium loads without sacrificing on size, are highly configurable with respect to differential, and our standard size reed switches are tailor made for switching Inductive loads, Capacitive loads, or lamp loads in addition to direct line voltage switching. We also offer contact protection circuits to extend durability and reliability.

Our Standard size Reed Switches are built for switching specific loads such as Line voltages, Inductive Loads, High Breakdown voltage applications, and high power loads up to 120W. Each of these can be modified with custom lead formations and can be supplied with actuating magnets meeting specified distance requirements.

We are a complete manufacturer of Reed Switches and process all aspects of production in our factory starting with Reed blade pressing, De-greasing, Annealing, Sputtering, Gas Bake out, Glass Tube assembly, Testing, Visual Inspection and Packing.