Reed Relays and
Electronics India Limited
Manufacturer of Reed Switches, Reed Sensors and Reed-based products
Reed Relays and Electronics India Limited Incorporated in 1971

Reed Switches

Reed Switches

We manufacture a range of Ruthenium sputtered, inert gas filled, non-pressurized dry reed switches with Tin plated leads, for switching as high as 120 W. Our Reed Switches can be used in a wide range of applications, from low level signal switching in mobile phones, to temperature sensing in heating appliances, and high wattage switching in reed relays. Cylindrical glass tubes and round wire are used to manufacture all reed switches to ensure maximum glass seal integrity and strength. On the types with flattened leads, a small portion of the wire is left round just for this.

Our Miniature magnetic Reed Switches are specially designed for switching low and medium loads without sacrificing on size, are highly configurable with respect to differential, and our standard size reed switches are tailor made for switching inductive loads, capacitive loads, or lamp loads in addition to direct line voltage switching.


Miniature Reed Switches

Miniature Reed Switches Miniature reed switches are sputtered with Ruthenium for high durability at low level loads. They are classified by glass diameter and length, and each of them are highly configurable with respect to the switching distance differential. For environme...Continue reading ->

Standard Reed Switches

Standard Reed Switches Standard size reed switches are classified by type of load switching, and are manufactured with round glass tubes and wire for maximum seal strength. The contact is sputtered with Ruthenium to ensure long life of high wattage reed switches. Life test...Continue reading ->

Actuation Distances for Reed Switches

Actuation Distances for Reed Switches Links to operate and release distances of formed Reed Switches in standard AT bands when actuated with NdFeB standard magnets are given below. Although some of the AT band / magnet combinations will produce similar ac...Continue reading ->

Production of Reed Switches

Production of Reed Switches The production of a Reed Switch requires many highly controlled process steps from Stamping to Sputtering to hermetic sealing done in Clean Rooms that comes from years of experience in the Reed Switch business. The following are the list of steps use...Continue reading ->

Reed Switch Formation Tolerances

Production of Reed Switches We can physically modify reed switches by cropping, goal-post forming or SMD forming to suit your application. The following are the standard modifications and the tolerances we meet... Continue reading ->

Reed Switch Test Coils

Production of Reed Switches List of standard test coils used to measure reed switch and reed sensor operating parameters. All the reed switches we produce are measured in one of these coils... Continue reading ->

Standard Magnets

Production of Reed Switches We offer a range of magnets in different sizes and shapes, specially selected to meet various applications, with different working temperatures and strengths... Continue reading ->

Manufacturer Cross Reference

Production of Reed Switches Nearest reed switch equivalents to those of OKI, Aleph, Hamlin, or Coto part numbers. MM-1018-L = MSDR-7 = ORD 221 = HYR 1003 = RI 60... Continue reading ->