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MO-1422 Miniature Off-center Reed Switch

MO-1422 Miniature Off-centre contact Reed Switch Drawing
MO-1422 Cropped reed switch MO-1422 SMD reed switch MO-1422 vertical mount reed switch MO-1422 horizontal mount reed switch

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Off centre contact blades for precision magnet applications  Round glass and wire for maximum seal strength  Sputtered Ruthenium contact  RoHS Compliant and Lead-free  Not Sensitive to ESD  15-50 Operate AT band


This off centre contact Form A reed switch is designed for highly sensitive magnet applications. Measurements are always taken with the contact overlap portion centered to the length of the test coil, with the width of all blades in a batch of switches, facing one way, for better in-group measurement accuracy. This reed switch is completely Lead-free and conforms to the RoHS directive.


This reed switch is suitable for use in the following applications and in many others: automobile seatbelt sensors, rowing electronics, ferrous metal detection sensors, gear speed and direction sensors


Operate Range AT 15 – 50
Release Range AT 5 – 35
Contact Rating (max) W/VA 15.0
Switching Current (max) A 0.5
Carry Current (max) A 1.0
DC Switching Voltage (max) VDC 150
AC Switching Voltage (max) VAC 125
Breakdown Voltage (min) VDC 200
Contact Resistance (max) 150
Insulation Resistance (min) Ω 1011
Capacitance (min) pF 0.2


Operate Time (max) ms 1.5
Bounce Time (max) ms 0.8
Release Time (max) ms 0.15
Resonance Frequency Hz >2000
Operating Frequency Hz 500
Operating Temperature °C -40 to +200
Shock Resistance (½Sin wave for 11ms) G 50
Vibration Resistance (10-2000Hz) G 20
Test Coil Code 717 102 002

Ordering Code

MO-1422-(Start Operate AT)-(Finish Operate AT)-(Lead Formation Code)

Cropped SMD Vertical Mount Horizontal Mount

The cropped version is suitable for smaller plastic housings and can be soldered to cables, the SMD version is suitable for reflow on PCBs, and the vertical and horizontal mount versions are suitable for mounting on through hole PCBs. Please click on the thumbnails to view the relevant actuating distances for various Operate AT bands. Information on tolerances for these lead formations can be found here.
MO-1422-15-20 denotes 10-15 Operate AT with unmodified leads
MO-1422-15-20-C denotes 10-15 Operate AT band with cropped leads

Other Special Configurations Available

Lower Static Contact Resistance
Dynamic Contact Resistance Limit
Higher Insulation Resistance
Special Release Limits
Gold plated leads

MO-1422 15W Miniature Off-center Reed Switches
14.0mm x ø2.25mm, complete data sheet and technical specifications. This Reed Switch supersedes TRA 291 and can be considered a direct equivalent. Customers can safely use Mo-1422 in place of ORD 221 or HSR-077R.
Brand: RRE
Manufacturer: Reed Relays and Electronics
Model: MO-1422
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