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MM-1018 Micro Miniature Reed Switch

This 10.0 mm long, Form A type Micro Miniature reed switch is designed for moderate power, low load applications. The fast operate time lends itself to high speed switching applications also. This Reed Switch has a cost advantage over the UM-0018 Ultra-miniature series. Leads are flattened for orienting the internal blades to face one way while soldering or welding and the three different Release AT types available, cover a wide range of Release AT specific applications. The cropped version of this Micro Miniature Reed Switch is suitable for smaller plastic housings and can be soldered to cables, the SMD version is suitable for reflow on PCBs, and the vertical and horizontal mount versions are suitable for mounting on through hole PCBs.

  • Drawing of MM-1018 Micro Miniature Reed Switch with Full Length Leads
  • Drawing of MM-1018 Reed Switch with Cropped Leads
  • Drawing showing SMD Formed Leads
  • Drawing Showing Leads formed for Horizontal Mounting
  • Drawing of showing Leads formed for Vertical Mounting


Release AT Configurable. Ruthenium contact. 10.0 mm Glass length. Normally Open. Inert gas filled. 4 types of Lead Formations.



Omni-polar. Does not require power for operation. Sputtered Contact. RoHS Compliant. Not ESD Sensitive.

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Contact FormA
Contact Rating (max)W/VA10.0
Switching Current (max)A0.5
Carry Current (max)A0.75
DC Switching Voltage (max)VDC100
AC Switching Voltage (max)VAC70
Breakdown Voltage (min)VDC200
Contact Resistance (max)150
Insulation Resistance (min)Ω109
Capacitance (typ)pF0.2


Operate Time (max)ms0.35
Bounce Time (max)ms0.3
Release Time (max)ms0.15
Resonance Frequency (typ)Hz>2000
Operating Frequency (max)Hz500
Operating Temperature°C-40 to +120
Shock Resistance (½Sin wave for 11ms)G30
Vibration Resistance (10-2000Hz)G20
Test Coil Number717 102 003

Ordering Code

MM-1018-(Release AT Code)-(Operate Band)-(Formation code)

Release AT CodeLMH
Operate BandAT10-4010-4010-40
Corresponding Release BandAT4-206-257.5-30
Formation CodeLead Type
Full Length Leads
HHorizontal Mount
VVertical Mount

Examples: MM-1018-L-10-14 denotes Low Release in 10-14 Operate Band (AT) with Full Length leads. MM-1018-H-12-18-S denotes High Release in 12-18 Operate Band (AT) with SMD formed leads.

Other Special Configurations: Lower Static Contact Resistance, Dynamic Contact Resistance Limit, Higher Insulation Resistance, Special Release Limits, Gold plated leads.

Usage Notes

Here are some of the recommended usage notes to ensure maximum durability of this MM-1018 Reed Switch. The complete usage notes are available here.

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Although we can never restrict the use of a reed switch to a particular field, the following is a list of some of the applications that this MM-1018 Micro Miniature Reed Switch is known to perform well.

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MM-1018 10W Micro Miniature Reed Switches
10.0 mm x ø1.80mm, Flattened leads, complete data sheet and technical specifications. This Reed Switch supersedes TRA 2021 and THA 2021 and can be considered a direct equivalent. Customers can safely use MM-1018 in place of MDSR-10, ORD211, KSK-1A87, RI 60, RD-9, HSR-067R or MKA-10110.
Brand: RRE
Manufacturer: Reed Relays and Electronics
Model: MM-1018
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