Wire Inspection

Wire Inspection Nickel-Iron wire inspection is conducted for straightness, surface pits, marks or scratches, diameter uniformity, hardness, smoothness and tensile strength. Continue...Continue reading ->

Reed Pressing

Reed Pressing The Nickel-Iron wire is spin straightened and pressed into reed blades. The pressed reed blades are checked for physical dimensions,...Continue reading ->


Degreasing Reeds are degreased to remove grease, oil and dust that comes out of the pressing process. The ultrasonic cleaning plant...Continue reading ->


Annealing Degreased reeds are annealed to soften them and to reduce magnetic remanence. Magnetic remanence checks and hardness checks are carried...Continue reading ->


Sputtering Annealed reeds are loaded into carriers and sputtered as per required differential, load, and contact specifications. Continue reading →Continue reading ->

Reed Switch Sealing

Reed Switch Sealing Baked out reeds and pre-cleaned glass tubes are sealed in an inert atmosphere in automatic assembly machines. The finished reed...Continue reading ->

Lead-out Plating

Lead-out Plating Reed switch terminal ends are Tin plated for solderability. A few samples are checked for solderability and thickness measurements. Continue...Continue reading ->

Lead Formation

Lead Formation Apart from the supply of full length reed switches, leads are also formed to SMD, croppedor goal-post bent as per...Continue reading ->

Dry Buzzing

Dry Buzzing Lead out plated reed switches are dry buzzed for stabilizing the contact. Continue reading →Continue reading ->


Sorting Buzzed reed switches are sorted into required sensitivity bands. Other parameters like static and variable contact resistance are also measured...Continue reading ->