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Sorting and Grading of Reed Switches

Sorting of Reed Switches

Reed Switches are finally multiple cycle tested, with full leads or formed lead depending on customer requirements. Sorting and Grading of Reed Switches consists of measuring the various electrical and magnetic parameters and grouping them into categories.

A few of the important parameters that are tested are pull-in, drop-out, static contact resistance, variable contact resistance, operate time, release time, differential etc. Some of the reed switches that don’t not meet the requirements are sent for further tests. Sorting of reed switches are then conducted to separate them into various AT groups as per customer requirements.

Some applications require to be checked for Release AT as well as Operate AT and this drops the yield. Reed Switches that do not meet a particular specification are used in other applications that need for example, only an Operate AT requirement. Reed Switches that may have higher contact resistance levels at lower AT ranges, are also kept aside for further processing.